A few nice things people have said about my column and presentations:

"Susie, I love your column.  I laugh and cry and relate.  Thank you!"

"Another enjoyable read by Susie Boyce. Amidst all the negative news it's refreshing to be able to laugh while relating so well to the feelings and experiences she so skillfully describes."

"Everything you write makes me want to hang out with you. You're awesome"

"You make me laugh and cry in less than five minutes."

"This is hilarious!  Love your writing."

"I just read your blog and feel compelled to tell you - I love you!" 

"This made me laugh all the way through - been there and done that."

"Thanks for writing such an inspiring piece - the news is usually filled with depressing stories, so when I read yours it made me happy."

"Susie, I loved hearing you at 'For the love of Reading' conference.  You did a great job and inspired many!"

“The real-life examples [in your presentation] were touching and relatable.”

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